As a restaurant or brewery owner, you know that a busy bar is a happy bar. Has your bar been less than bustling lately? Perhaps it has to do with your selection in your draft beer tower. A great craft beer selection can do wonders for your sales. Below we break down 5 reasons why draft selection really matters to the success of your bar.


Better wins

If you’ve ever tasted the difference: you know. Draft beer is always better. Kegs are kept at the same consistently cold temperature all day and night, unlike bottles which are usually delivered warm and then chilled. The consistent temperature tends to lead to a more even and delicious taste. If your draft beer tower is lacking in options, and bottles are the best choice for patrons, you may be losing customers. Upping your draft game is your best option. 

Stand out

Every bar within a 100-mile radius boasts the same 3-5 beers on tap. However, you, you are different. Or, you should be. Standing out with your beer selection could mean a better and higher spending clientele. Everyone knows they can walk into any old bar and get a typical draft. But if your draft beer tower boasts something unique, micro, and fantastic, bar goers will seek out your location for their nightly pint. Standing out in a crowded market is not just smart, it’s essential.


Something for everyone

Drinking is an activity best shared with friends. If a group heads into your bar and finds an abysmal selection of drafts, they may do an immediate 360 right out the door. Keeping a varied and ever-changing draft beer tower will keep groups coming in, because they know they can find the variety they crave. If customers are happy and with their friends, odds are they will stay longer and spend more. Keeping your selection of high quality and variety, you will increase your clientele.


Beat out the competition

With a varied and unique draft beer tower, your bar or restaurant will stick out from the other neighborhood joints with similar offerings. By showcasing great craft beers, customers will be more likely to choose your joint over the place next door. Keep customers flowing through your doors with your ever-flowing craft beer tower.


Having a successful restaurant or bar isn’t easy, if it was, everyone would do it. However, if you want to keep customers happy, you need to give them the craft beer towers they crave. Keep your draft beer tower stacked, and keep customers coming back for more!


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