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Introducing fûtmauricie .

Our Story

Welcome to Fût Mauricie — where custom design meets the draft beer experience. We specialize in custom draft beer towers and drip trays that blend art with functionality, tailored precisely to your establishment's unique needs and style. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and speed sets us apart, offering you not just a product, but a centerpiece that elevates your space and service. Choose Fût Mauricie for unparalleled craftsmanship and a personalized touch that turns your vision into reality—fast.

Flexible Dimensions

Fit any space perfectly with our adaptable dimensions, ensuring your beer towers and drip trays enhances your venue’s layout and ambiance seamlessly.

Modular Designs

Our modular designs allow for easy customization and future adjustments, offering flexibility as your business evolves.

Custom Internals

Engineered for excellence, our custom internals deliver optimal cooling and reliability, ensuring every pour from your beer tower is perfect.

Unlimited Finishes

Choose from a vast array of finishes to perfectly match your brand’s style, adding a unique touch to your establishment’s aesthetic.

Craft Your Signature Custom Beer Tower

Tailored Elegance Meets Functionality

Elevate your bar with custom beer towers and drip trays. Choose size, design, and accessories. Enjoy free 3D design and quick delivery. Transform your space today!

Custom Beer Towers Custom Drip Trays

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