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Shipping & order

Order cancellation is available until manufacturing has begun. Once you put an order through, it will be forward to the manufacturing queue and until the process has been started you may cancel. You should let us know as promptly as possible as your order could be processed on the same day of the order.

We always aim for 100% customer satisfaction, and that you love our product. All customized products can't be returned. If there are any problems with your order, contact us and we will do everything we can to satisfy you completely.

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Distribution & Breweries

You are welcome to apply to become an FM. distributor by contacting us with the following informations : 


Business name

Type (Draft beer services, wholesale, etc)

If you see one, please contact us!

If in the case we list the wrong price on a product, we reserve the right to correct the pricing at anytime and cancel any orders.

We actually believe that we are one of the most competitive business in pricing on the market. If you believe that you have seen the exact same product at a lower price do not hesitate to let us know about it and we will do our best to beat it.  

Of course, we actually offer a very wide variety of branding. We have been working and branding beer towers for the most successful brands, such as Labatt InBev & Molson Coors.


Beer Towers

All draft beer faucet handles and faucets produced for the North American market have 3/8-16 UNC threads, which is the norm in the NA beer industry. A European thread specification applies to products designed for markets outside of North America.

So as long as your tap handle and your faucets are built for the North American market, it will fit!

There is a significant difference in dimensions between shanks and faucets licensed for sale in the United States and those intended for other markets. The thread used on faucets for the United States is tailored to the country's beer industry requirements, while those for other countries are designed to European metric standards. As long as you use a North American market faucet it should work with our 304 stainless steel shanks.

FM's beer towers are built and engineered for quality and serviceability. There's always an access panel that will allow you to make modifications or repairs inside our system. Our shanks are also modular, which makes it possible to change. However, we strongly advise against removing the shanks from the tower as this will break your tower's guarantee. You should always turn your shanks clockwise to make sure it stays tight and sealed.

An air-cooled dispensing system is a system that refrigerates your whole system from the keg to the beer tower using an air-blower. If your beer tower is installed directly on a kegerator and you will not be using some kind of water-based chiller inside it, we would recommend you to use this option. The tower's wall will be insulated instead of wrapping the beer lines to allow the air to circulate freely in your beer tower and make sure you always have a cold beer.

A glycol-cooled dispensing system is a system that refrigerates your whole system from the keg to the beer tower using a glycol chiller. These are normally seen in commercial settings where the distance between the walk-in cooler and the beer tower is long or if you have a large number of beer lines. The power pack chills and constantly circulates a water and food-grade anti-freeze (glycol) solution next to the beer tubing all the way from the walk-in cooler to the dispensing point.

The tubing used is called trunkline, where all the beer lines and the two glycol lines loop while be used to reach the beer tower from the walk-in cooler.

Wrapped with a moisture barrier, a foil wrap to transport heat, closed-cell insulation, and some sort of outer jacket to protect the insulation. This system is great for longer distances, up to 500 feet.

You will find that almost every dispensing issues are generally caused from three options : Improper temperature, cooling or pressure.

If the beer has too much foam ; the beer temperature may be too warm, the CO2 pressure may be too high or you may have a twist in your beer hose restriction or trunkline.

If the beer is too flat ; the beer temperature may be too warm, the CO2 pressure may be too low or the beer keg may be too old.

If you still have troubles with your systems, I would reach out to your technical service partner to verify your system and make sure also that the beer lines cleaning has been done every 2 weeks or so.

We recommend you to take a look at our Care Guide to learn more about what to do and avoid depending on your beer tower's finish.