Customize your Drip Tray


As its name implies, this tray represents our standard model. Ideal for compact spaces, it sits directly on your counter. It's easily movable, facilitating washing. Additionally, you have the option to include a drain and glass rinser if desired.


We've incorporated a X-shaped angle in pan, to facilitate better drainage towards the drain. This model also sits directly on the counter and is fixed with a built-in drain. You have the option to include a glass rinser as well.


Unlike other types of trays, the Recessed model is integrated directly into the counter. Additionally, this tray is securely fixed with the drain, and it features the same angled design as the X-Pressed model, ensuring efficient liquid drainage.


This model enables the tower to be placed directly on the tray, thus creating extra workspace for your bartenders. Furthermore, it features the same angled design as the X-Pressed model, enhancing drainage performance.


Tailor the width of your drip tray to fit the unique dimensions of your bar setup. Perfect alignment ensures a seamless integration, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.


Opt for the ideal depth that suits your operational needs. Whether for accommodating larger glasses or managing spillage more effectively, depth customization is key to maintaining a clean and efficient serving area.


Customize the number of drains in your design to optimize drainage efficiency. Tailoring the drainage system to your specific needs ensures swift removal of excess liquid, keeping your serving area clean and operational at all times.

Glass Rinsers

Incorporate glass rinsers into your drip tray for an added level of convenience and efficiency. Ideal for quickly prepping glasses before serving, glass rinsers help in providing a consistently chilled and clean drinking experience.

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