“Blonde draft, please”. Every bartender, server, and restaurant employee has heard these words uttered over a million times. However, if your bar or restaurant is only carrying domestic beers in your beer tower, you are likely missing a key opportunity. What’s that, you ask? It’s the opportunity to bring your beer tower to the next level with craft beer. Need proof? Check out our 4 reasons why you should add craft beer to your lineup to increase sales and customer smiles.




Craft beer is no longer a trend. It is here to stay. With sales volumes continually increasing year over year, if you are not carrying craft you are missing a key market. Everyone knows you can go to any store and grab a six-pack of your fave micro-brew. However, there is something special about a pour straight from the keg. The head, the color, the pint glass. A beer fresh from the tap is truly what puts butts in seats. Going craft will keep customers happy and keep them coming back pint after pint.




Oh millennials. We love to hate them, even if we happen to fall into the category. If you are looking to increase revenue, millennials are your market. They love going out to eat, drink and be merry. And guess what? Millennials love craft beer. So much so, that they are the driving force behind its success. As brewersassociation.org reports: millennials make up "25 percent of the total U.S. population and the entirety of the coveted 21-35 year-old beer drinkers segment."


In addition to their buying power, millennials are connected. They love to snap chat, Instagram and post everything they’re doing. This means: free advertising for your bar or restaurant.




Just like a fine wine, craft beer pairs great with food. If you’re serving up one of your specialties with a watery domestic, your customers may be missing out on their best possible dining experience. Complex craft beers often come with pairing suggestions, and can make for great food companions.




Quality is an integral part to the success of any restaurant or bar. The experience your customers have can make or break your reputation. Offering craft beer in your tower gives you a bit more street cred than your competitors just carrying domestics. After all, you want to reach the right audience and you want to keep them coming back.


Craft beer is the way of the future. If you want customers with buying power who will keep coming back, adding craft beer to your tower will help take your bar or restaurant to the next level. Cheers!

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