Our Journey

Founded in 1992 by Yvan Dupuis as a service-oriented business, Fût Mauricie quickly identified a crucial gap in the market for high-quality, yet accessible draft beer solutions within the hospitality industry. Yvan's strategic pivot to manufacturing laid a robust foundation for the company's future growth. Transitioning from ceramic to advanced stainless steel products, he had established Fût Mauricie as a leader in the global market.

The entrepreneurial vision and passion for draft beer shared by Etienne Dupuis and Mathieu Lemyre propelled Fût Mauricie into a new era of innovation and expansion.

Today, the company is renowned for its premier, custom-made draft beer towers and equipment, collaborating with major industry players and delivering unmatched quality and craftsmanship to clients worldwide.

Our Core Values

The pillars behind fûtmauricie.

At Fût Mauricie, integrity and loyalty steer our interactions with customers and partners. We continuously blend innovation with professionalism to provide cutting-edge and effective solutions. By attentively responding to market trends and customer needs, our adaptability allows us to agilely position ourselves within our industry.

Integrity & Loyalty



Empowering draft dispensing experiences.

As the owners of Fût Mauricie, our mission from the outset has been to blend our deep-rooted passion for draft beer with the latest in manufacturing innovation to create unparalleled serving experiences. We are driven by the conviction that a meticulously crafted beer tower does more than pour a drink—it enhances the moment, connecting people and places. Our commitment is to bring this exceptional draft beer experience to establishments globally, ensuring that every pour is a testament to quality, design, and craftsmanship.

— Etienne Dupuis & Mathieu Lemyre - Owners of fûtmauricie.