FM Beer Towers Trade-In

Swap. Save. Sustain. Everyone Wins.

With Fût Mauricie's Tower Trade-In Program, elevate your bar's aesthetic and functionality by trading in your current beer tower for a brand-new, custom-designed masterpiece. Seamlessly manage the trade-in process online or directly through us. If your existing tower doesn't qualify for trade-in value, we'll recycle it at no cost to you. It's a smart move for your establishment and a step forward for environmental sustainability.

Get credit toward a new FM product.

Obtain Your Trade-In Estimate

Step 1

Begin by contacting one of our sales representatives to get an estimate for your trade-in. We'll assess your Fût Mauricie original tower's current market value and offer a trade-in value. Please ensure that the product you wish to trade in is an original piece from Fût Mauricie.

Request a Trade-In

Approval and Shipping

Step 2

Once you've received and accepted our trade-in offer, it's time to prepare your tower for shipping. Package your beer tower carefully to prevent any damage during transport. Then, send it back to the Fût Mauricie workshop. Upon its arrival, we'll conduct a final inspection to confirm its condition and proceed with issuing your account credit or a gift card, which can be used towards your next purchase.

Request a Trade-In

Upgrade and Save

Step 3

After the trade-in process is complete, you're set to receive your brand-new, upgraded draft beer tower. Enjoy it at a discounted price, courtesy of the trade-in program. Not only do you get to upgrade your bar's aesthetic and functionality, but you're also contributing to environmental sustainability by reducing waste and promoting recycling.

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