Beer. Just the mere thought of seeing it in an icy cold beer tower can bring a smile to any adult’s face. Beer is something that brings us together, warms us up and is associated with good vibes and good times. We know many of you don’t need any more reasons to love beer. But here are a few reasons why you should fill up a frosty glass with your favorite lager, ale or stout.


  1. Pump it up

Needless to say, drinking should be done in moderation. That being said, according to Men’s Health magazine, “moderate beer drinkers had a 42 percent lower risk of heart disease compared to non-drinkers.” Guzzling down on your favorite beverage is not only enjoyable, but it will keep your ticker ticking for longer. Something you love that makes you live longer? Sounds like a win-win situation to me!


  1. Keep your kidneys kicking

According to a study on, those who drank beer were at less risk of developing kidney stones. The study states that, “each bottle of beer consumed per day was estimated to reduce risk by 40%”. Kidney stones are known to cause incredible levels of pain and discomfort. Keep your kidneys clean and keep reaching for the beer tower. Get guzzling!


  1. Oh, the memories!

Nothing is scarier than the prospect of growing older, except the fear of losing your memory when you do. Luckily, beer has your back. According to a study discussed on, a chemical compound found in beer has been known to act as a preventative measure against Alzheimer’s. Make memories last longer with your favorite brew.


  1. Activate Recovery Mode

After a good sweat at the gym, or a nice run through town, grab a pint from the chilly beer tower near you. According to an article on Daily Mail, a study at Granada University in Spain found that, “the sugars, salts and bubbles in a pint may help people absorb fluids more quickly.” Enjoy your favorite beverage while helping your body bounce back from your latest sweat session.


  1. Get Social

Bars and restaurants are everywhere you look. Usually, they feature a beer tower full of all your favorite sudsy, delicious brews. Going out and grabbing a beer with your friends is a great way to stimulate a better mood and fight off depression. When you are out with friends, the noise and music of a bar can distract you from any stress you are feeling. Get out, get social and reap the benefits of an improved mood.

Beer. Who knew it could make us both happier and healthier? All the more reason to run out to your favorite store or bar and have a pint with friends. Cheers!

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