In life, we have many unforgettable pairs: peanut butter and jelly, Bert and Ernie, Shaggy and Scooby Doo, and of course, beer and food. Wine typically steals the show when we think about pairing with food. However, we are here to change your mind. Below are our favorite foods and the ultimate beer to pair them with. Happy tasting!


  1. Oink, Oink!

Warm, juicy and covered in BBQ sauce, pulled pork is a favorite during any season. It can complement any tailgate, or make for the perfect casual meal. Pork is not the leanest meat, but my, oh my, is it delicious. The smoky tones found in pulled pork are perfectly accented by a deep and dark porter. The perfect Porter is dark with a balance of hops and malt with an ever-so-creamy head. The balance of the beer helps to perfectly accent the sweetness of the BBQ sauce leaving you with a happy and full belly.


  1. Blondes have more fun

When it comes to beer, the lightest of the light is the Blonde Ale. Just like its color, Blonde Ale’s pair well with lighter foods. If you’re thinking of ordering salmon, or halibut, look for a Blonde Ale in your draft beer tower. These light ales are perfect for a summer meal with their sweet and fruity aroma and light malty taste.  Sip your blondie and delight in veggies and fish fresh off the grill.


  1. Ay Caramba!


Heading out for some chips, guac, and tacos? Your beer of choice should be a Red Lager. With low bitterness, a medium body, and nice crisp taste, your trip south of the border will be perfectly paired. Reds have become a staple in draft beer towers and tend to go great with everything, but, we especially love them with our Mexican. Vamos!


  1. Bring on the meat.


Men love it, women love it, vegetarians don’t understand it. It’s meat, and it’s what’s for dinner. If you are looking for a big, juicy, mouthwatering burger or steak, make sure your draft beer tower is serving up some Dubbel. If you don’t know them well, Dubbel’s boast a rich and malty taste, and deep dark color, perfect for sipping while you bite into your hunk of meat. Grab a draft, sip, chew, and enjoy.


  1. Craving Curry


If you’re on the hunt for a taste of India, make sure to stop at a place with kick-ass curry and a draft beer tower stocked with all your favorite India Pale Ales. IPA’s are great with all things spicy, but we especially love them with curries. The citrus and floral scent and flavor accompanied with some slight bitterness and malty balance, make this perfect beer a curry’s best friend. This will be a curry-rific experience you won’t soon forget.


If you aren’t lacing up your shoes and heading out the door for a taste of one of our perfect pairings, we recommend you do it soon. Beer & food are the BFF’s friendship bracelets are made for. Cheers!

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