How did everything start for Tipsy Turny Trailer? Where did you get this idea?

We had been toying with the idea of starting a business for a while! We wanted to try something unique and still be smart about the scale of the business since we both have full-time jobs! We have always been interested in tiny homes and van life, plus craft cocktails and home brewing, so we thought this was the perfect way to combine those very drastically different passions and mesh them together into a business. We have ambitions to start our own bar and wedding venue in the future so this is a great first step to get noticed in the industry and learn about the ins and outs of owning a business!

What challenges did you face going into this project?

We won't lie, we’ve faced many challenges as we’ve worked through this project, especially since we did the majority of the build throughout the cold, Canadian winter. Since we had minimal renovation/building experience, learning the best way to build the bar and actually executing was our biggest challenge. But every weekend we took the train for an hour to our family home out of the city and tackled a project 2 days at a time. We like to think we’re much more handy now after going through this process!!

How did you hear about us?

With every aspect of our build and system, we wanted the best quality and a unique look. After doing some research online for custom beer towers we were so impressed with all the amazing products Fût Mauricie offered. We knew that this was exactly what would make our build stand out. We are kind of obsessed with our tower!!

What made you decide to use our draft beer towers?

They are so unique and have so much more personality than other beer towers on the market. Also, having the ability to customize the build and materials was very important for us! Our trailer is only 50sq ft and we wanted to have the most taps of any mobile bar in Ontario. It was amazing that Fût Mauricie was able to accommodate and resize the tower to work with our build.

Which beer tower did you end up choosing and what make’s it better than the others?

We ended up going with the Arcadia 3” copper T-tower. It was exactly what we envisioned having in the bar when we started the renovation. It has amazing brass/gold trim that works so nicely against the copper shine. We hand-built all of our faucets in the mobile bar and they are the perfect accent piece to our incredibly well-crafted tower.

Would you work again with us in the future?

Definitely! For any bar we build in the future, and trust us we will be building more, we will be giving Fût Mauricie a call!

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Photo : Rachel Hunt Photography

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