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[ material. stainless steel. ]

stainless steel

Our beer tower are made from solid stainless steel and refined by hand. This is one of our durable finish, used for many products stainless steel is distinguished by it's resistance to rust. We use 304, which is often used in food handling. In addition, this metal allows us greater flexibility when it comes to creating personalized products.

[ material. copper. ]


Copper is a powerful metal that has been used by humans since the dawn of time. Its beneficial properties make it ideal for our beer tower including corrosion resistance, good machinability and antimicrobial qualities. Copper is chosen for its look as well as having many of the characteristics of Stainless Steel. A clear coat is applied to all Copper towers in order to protect them from patina.

powder coating

Every stainless steel tower can be powder coated. Select your color between thousand of options. Powder coating is a popular alternative to liquid paint for most surfaces. It offers superior protection from the elements, including water and dirt that can damage your product over time. It will last much longer than normal paint!

Create a unique look with powder coating

color selection

We totally get that every business has unique demands and that finding the perfect color for your project can be a challenge. If you don't see the shade you're after below, don't worry! Drop us a line, and we'll work with you to find just the right finish for your needs. We're always here to help!

matte black

candy copper


glossy black

light bronze

security blue

Clear blue


heather violet

red signal

red orange

sulphur yellow

top brass

tractor green

highland green

splatter blue

disco nugget


antique bronze


metallic copper


how to : Take care of your beer tower

Let's find together the perfect finish for your tower.