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When it comes to selecting the right draft beer tower, picking the best one isn't always simple.

The first thing to consider is space. Are your bar's area and dimensions limited, or do you have unrestricted liberty when choosing a larger design that won't feel cramped? If you're limited, we do have some designs that are directly offered on our website to optimize your spacing use.

If you want to maximize the use of space in your bar and choose a custom draft beer tower instead, there are several things you should know about our custom design process here and get in touch with our in-house designer for a free design.

Now let's say that space is not a factor in your decision, choice of beer tower style is probably the next step in your search for the perfect system.

If your bar interior design tends to be more towards a modern style, then Pass-thru towers, Capital and Cee models are the perfect solution for you. These modern beer towers come in several finishes; stainless steel brushed, polished, gold, candy copper, and matte black to suit every décor.

Let's keep looking at our different styles

If your bar's look and feel are rustic, traditional the Arcadia Collection is for you. These towers have a circular form that evokes the appearance and feel of classic bar furniture from another time, and they'll look fantastic in almost any situation. They also come in a variety of materials, starting with stainless steel all the way to real-made copper and brass beer towers.

For all our partners with bars with an industrial look

Fût Mauricie's Rough Bridge and Tees with a glimpse of silver thread are typical for industrial design. For an Arcadia look-alike, you should certainly check out the new Odyssey collection. With its bigger flange and double the acorn nuts, it provides one additional industrial style option.

material and finish.

Looking for a perfect aesthetic for your draft beer tower? Look no further! You have two amazing options - Copper and Stainless Steel. Copper gives an antique vibe while Stainless Steel provides a wide range of Finishing options with Powder Coating. Ready to explore all the finishes we offer? Click the button below!

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drip trays

The Drip Tray is the perfect addition to your draft beer tower! Our drip tray are made from high-quality 304 Stainless Steel and will fit all standard draft beer towers.

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If through all those choices you still feel a bit lost, give us a shout and we will definitely guide you and help you make the right choice!