Find the perfect draft beer tower for you

Beer Tower guide

When it comes to selecting the right draft beer tower, picking the best one isn't always simple.

The first thing to consider is space. Are your bar's area and dimensions limited, or do you have unrestricted liberty when choosing a larger design that won't feel cramped? If you're limited, we do have some designs that are directly offered on our website to optimize your spacing use.

If you want to maximize the use of space in your bar and choose a custom draft beer tower instead, there are several things you should know about our custom design process here and get in touch with our in-house designer for a free design.

Now let's say that space is not a factor in your decision, choice of beer tower style is probably the next step in your search for the perfect system.


If material and finish are important for you, we currently offer on our website : 2 stainless steel finish (polished or brushed), 3 powder coating finish (Gold, Candy Copper and Matte Black) and 3 Copper & Brass finish (Polished, Brushed and Antique Copper).

Looking for a custom colour?

We'd definitely recommend you to reach out to us also as we are able to make hundreds of different finishes and tones and apply them to our selection of beer towers.

Powder Coating and Stainless Steel towers / Copper & Brass towers

If through all those choices you still feel a bit lost, give us a shout and we will definitely guide you and help you make the right choice!