Arcadia Double Tee 4"

Color: Matte Black
Accessorie's finish:
Taps required:

Double the Arcadia Tee and you've got yourselves twice the number of taps available to you with this flexible design. The beer tower is built from 4" tubing with 304SS. 

*Everything is customizable, if you need a different number of taps, color, etc, contact us*

 Glycol cooling setup 

Air cooling setup is available if requested, otherwise the tower will be built for glycol systems.  

Premium Build - Made from 304 Stainless Steel

The draft beer tower is built with 304SS beer lines, shanks and faucets, which allows you to pour any beer but also cider and wine. 

304SS Faucets - Chrome or Brass plating

We include all 304SS faucets according to the # of taps selected. You can also request chrome or brass plated faucets for no additional fees if required. *Tap handles in the 3D rendering are not included in the shipment. 

Plug N Play

You'll receive the draft beer tower ready to install, 4 or 8 threaded rods for the counter fix and plug N play to your trunk line. Beer lines are 1/4 OD (inches) and cooling lines are 3/8 OD (inches) 


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