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Which size do i need ?

To choose the right size, we recommend that you check the technical sheet of your tower. Then, look-up for the tower width measurement. Choose the drip tray that comes closest to the width. Always choose a longer one than a shorter one.

If you need any help, feel free to contact us!


As the name suggests, this is our most standard model. So if you don't have any restrictions this shape is for you.

x-pressed shape

Say goodbye to drainage woes with this fantastic model! Its unique X-shaped tray ensures liquids find their way to the drain with ease. Say hello to a worry-free experience!

recessed shape

Looking for a space-saver that's also stylish? Check out this sleek tray that effortlessly integrates into your counter, keeping your space clutter-free and helping you avoid any pesky snags. Plus, we have included X-Pressed technology to improve drainage.

platform shape

This nifty shape not only helps excess liquid drain right into the main drip tray, but it also keeps your counter looking great for longer. Plus, it magically creates extra workspace for you. Pretty cool, huh?

To get your hands on this exclusive model, simply drop us a line and we'll provide a personalized quote just for you!